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Authors: Murray W. Mahoney, Christian B. Fuller, William H. Bingel, Michael Calabrese
Abstract: Friction stir processing (FSP) of cast NiAl bronze has resulted in significant increases in properties including more than doubling the yield greater that 40 percent increase in the threshold fatigue life; all achieved while increasing ductility. These and other strength, greater than a 60 percent increase in tensile strength, and property improvements were realized following studies of FSP procedures specifically for NiAl bronze. Within this manuscript, FSP procedures and other “lessons learned” are presented. Details of property improvements are documented elsewhere within this conference proceedings (see Fuller et al.). Presented herein are tool designs for efficient material flow, tool materials capable of long life at 1000°C, rastering procedures covering large surface areas, and other results pertinent to achieve improved properties in cast NiAl bronze following friction stir processing.
Authors: Murray W. Mahoney, William H. Bingel, Siddharth R. Sharma, Rajiv S. Mishra
Authors: Murray W. Mahoney, A.J. Barnes, William H. Bingel, Christian B. Fuller
Authors: Christian B. Fuller, Murray W. Mahoney, William H. Bingel, Michael Calabrese, B. London
Abstract: Friction stir processing (FSP) produced local microstructural refinement in cast Ni Al Bronze. The refined microstructure quality was evaluated with mechanical property characterization using monotonic tension and fatigue testing as a function of FSP raster patterns. Modifying the cast NiAl bronze with FSP resulted in a 140 - 172 % increase in yield strength, and a 40 - 57% increase in tensile strength. Changing the raster pattern from a linear to a rectangular spiral raster increased the tensile elongations by 40 - 134%. This increase in elongation was attributed to increased microstructural uniformity through the depth of the FSP raster. The ability to transfer FSP technology was demonstrated with consistent tensile property data produced by three different laboratories. Fatigue characterization (both uniaxial and rotating-bending fatigue) showed that FSP improved the cast NiAl bronze fatigue resistance. Both types of fatigue testing showed differences in fatigue resistance as a function of processing parameters.
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