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Authors: Jin Sung Kim, Hoon Huh, Won Mog Choi, Tae Soo Kwon
Abstract: This paper demonstrates the jig set for the crash test and the crash test results of the tension bolts with respect to an applied pre-tension. The tension and shear bolts are adopted at Light Collision Safety Devices as a mechanical fuse when tension bolts reach designed failure load. The kinetic energy due to the crash is absorbed by secondary energy absorbing devices after the fracture of tension bolts. One tension bolt was designed to be failed at the load of 375 kN. The jig set was designed to convert a compressive loading to a tensile loading and installed at the high speed crash tester. The strain gauges were attached at the parallel section of the tension bolts to measure the level of the pre-tension acting on the tension bolts. Crash tests were performed with a barrier whose mass was 250 kg and initial speed of the barrier was 9.5 m/sec. The result includes the load response of the tension bolts during both the crash tests and finite element analysis.
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