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Authors: Wu Wei, Xin Tai Su, Feng Xiao, Ya Ni Li
Abstract: A facile hydrothermal process has been employed to synthesize WO3 nanocubes using urea as an assistant agent. The crystal structure and morphology of WO3 nanocubes have been characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microcopy (SEM) and transmission electron microcopy (TEM). XRD, SEM and TEM images of the products illustrate that WO3 square nanostructures have a single orthorhombic phase, length of ~ 100-200 nm and thickness of ~ 40 nm. The ethanol sensing property of as-prepared tungsten oxide nanocubes is studied at ethanol concentration of 10-1000 ppm and working temperature of 160-400 °C. The result shows that the WO3 nanocubes have high sensitivity to ethanol because of their small size and special morphology.
Authors: Hua Fang, Wu Wei, Huang Zhun
Abstract: It has been generally agreed that methyl orange (MO) can be effectively decolorized in KIO4 homogeneous reaction system under UV irradiation. The knowledge on the kinetics of the system possesses both practical and theoretical values. Decolorization efficiency of MO increases as the loading of KIO4 increases and has no an optimal amount of KIO4 in this case. The decolorization reaction manifests the first order with lower concentration and the zero order with higher concentration. As the initial concentration goes up, the order of the reaction is reduced from 1 to 0.
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