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Authors: Heng Ding, Wu Wei Chen, Wei Hua Zhang, Jun Jie Chen
Abstract: Influenced by a variety of factors, such as driving skill, traffic composition, signal control, traffic management, and traffic environment and so on, the traffic flow characteristic parameter statistics embodies multi-state characteristic which is incapable to describe precisely by using a single distribution model. In order to fit the headway characteristic parameter of multi-state traffic flow, based on the denseness of mixture Gamma distribution, the data could be fitted more accurately with the method of expectation maximization algorithm and by means of controlling the number of branches under the condition of precision beyond 95%. Take actual survey data as the example, this paper compares the fitting errors of negative exponential distribution, Erlang distribution and mixture Gamma distribution and the result shows that the fitting result based on mixture Gamma distribution is closer to actual case.
Authors: Guang Xia, Wu Wei Chen, Xi Wen Tang, Qi Ming Wang
Abstract: Considering the non-linear property of the magneto-rheological damper and the low accuracy of the traditional fuzzy control, this paper introduces a semi-active magneto-rheological damper controller which is based on the improved variable universe fuzzy control strategy and conducts a simulation of it. Next, it analyzes the damping effect of the passive suspension and the semi-active suspension. As indicated by the results, the use of the advanced variable universe fuzzy control strategy can effectively improve the ride and comfort of an automobile, and it serves as a reference for the further theoretical researches and sample vehicle experiments in the future.
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