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Authors: X.Q. Wang, F.K. Cui, X.J. He
Abstract: According to differential geometry and meshing theory, the cold forming principle of ballscrew is investigated, the meshing model, the contact line and theoretical errors of the ballscrew are constructed, the objective moving laws between roller and workpiece are revealed by analyzing the meshing model and the contact line, the processing method of cold-rolling is considered as the generating method which can lay the foundation for roller design by analyzing forming principle. The error generation causes are discovered and the solutions are given by analyzing the profile error and the error of the actual helix of the centrode of ball.
Authors: X.Q. Wang, F.K. Cui, G.B. Wang
Abstract: Based on the fuzzy theory and universal calculation equations, the mathematical model is established for predicting life of a bearing by analyzing various factors. And the fuzzy reliability life can be calculated according to the model. The case studies show that for the proposed method takes full consideration of all the influencing factors and their function of membership degree, the calculation results are very close to the actual ones.
Authors: Feng Kui Cui, Y.X. Li, X.Q. Wang
Abstract: For making accurate assessment about each characteristics paramete of three-dimensional surface micro-topography, mathematic model for the datum plane of three-dimensional surface micro-topography assessment was established with least squares method, the relational expression of the average fitting error and maximum error were made. The datum plane equation was found by processing experimental data with least squares fitting method. The rationality and feasibility of the algorithm which is used to establish datum plane were verified through error calculation and analysis of the datum plane equation. The research provides the foundation for parametric assessment of 3D surface micro-topography and provides a method for datum surface establishment of curved surface.
Authors: Feng Kui Cui, Z.B. Song, X.Q. Wang, Feng Shou Zhang, Yan Li
Abstract: The basic principle of three-dimensional surface roughness laser triangulation has been analyzed in this paper, Light-path diagram and optical geometric relationship of direct-type and symmetric oblique-type triangulation measurement is studied, the mathematical model of Surface micro-height information analysis is given. Resolution of direct-type and symmetric oblique-type triangulation measurement is compared both qualitatively and quantitatively. At last, the Application of laser triangulation method in Three-dimensional surface roughness measurement is analyzed.
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