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Authors: X. Zhou, G.D. Watkins, K.M. McNamara Rutledge
Authors: X. Zhou, R.K. Sadangi, Bernard H. Kear, W.R. Cannon
Authors: I. Kunin, F. Hussain, X. Zhou, S. Prishepionok
Authors: Jian Dong Ye, Shu Lin Gu, Su Min Zhu, S.M. Liu, Feng Qin, W. Liu, X. Zhou, R. Zhang, Y. Shi, Y.D. Zheng
Abstract: The morphology evolution of ZnO films grown on sapphire (0001) by MOCVD have been studied as a function of buffer growth time and temperature by means of atomic-force microscope (AFM), x-ray diffractions (XRD) and optical microscopy. When the buffer growth temperature decreased to 450°C, the surface became smooth greatly, indicating the transition from typical 3D island growth to quasi-2D growth mode. As the buffer growth time exceeds 5min, the micron-sized pit-like features are formed. It is due to the lack of stabilization of adatoms under the “etching” action of ionized O2/Ar during high temperature buffer annealing
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