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Authors: Xian Chun Zou, Yan Ma, Ning Song
Abstract: This paper analyzes grid resources organization, elaborates on the fundamental principles of the Ant Colony Algorithm, and proposes a grid resource discovery method based on the Ant Colony Algorithm. We consider users request ontology as ants, take search resource as food, and food source is the node of search target. The process of ants to find food is similar to the process of discovery grid resources.
Authors: Chen Xiao Hu, Xian Chun Zou
Abstract: Spectral clustering is an efficient clustering algorithm based the information propagation between neighborhood nodes. Its performance is largely dependent on the distance metrics, thus it is possible to boost its performance by adapting more reliable distance metric. Given the advantages of sparse representation in discriminative ability, robust to noisy and more faithfully to measure the similarity between two samples, we propose an sparse representation algorithm based on sparse representation. The experimental study on several datasets shows that, the proposed algorithm performs better than the sparse clustering algorithms based on other similarity metrics.
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