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Authors: Xin Gui Zhang, Xiang Gang Kong
Abstract: In Nanning basin, because of the peculiar relief and stratum model, the bearing support soil layers for pile foundation of high-rise buildings generally is gravel layer or mudstone layers or sandstone layers. On first or second terrace in basin, gravel layer is most chose as the bearing stratum for pile foundation of high-rise buildings. Static driven piles are commonly used in Nanning, because they have advantages of fast construction, high bearing capacity and noiseless despite costly. In this paper, the actual test data of a 32-stories apartment building of a college in Nanning has been consider- ed in detail. According to the present situation of project operations, the test results show that the piles which length is less than 6m can fully meet the design requirements. This project is a successful example.
Authors: Xiang Gang Kong, Xin Gui Zhang, Yang Wang
Abstract: In the design of anchor bolt for slope reinforcement, determination of safety factor, anchorage length and free part length, choosing anchor-type were closely linked with the practical situation and experience of the designer. In this paper, in terms of above four aspects, some problems in the process of design have been discussed and corresponding solutions have also been put forward based on the codes and personal experience.
Authors: Xin Gui Zhang, Xiang Gang Kong, Zhen Song
Abstract: In this paper, based on measured data of practical engineering, the characters of single short pile under the static vertical load action in the normal stratum combination model of dualistic structure has been simulated by using ABAQUS finite element software. Then simulated result and measured one has been compared and analyzed carefully. The analysis result indicated the applicability and reliability of ABAQUS finite element software in the simulation analysis of short pile. All these can provide some theoretical reference for design of short pile foundation.
Authors: Xiang Gang Kong, Xin Gui Zhang, Yi Chang Niu
Abstract: As a new pile type, short pile has been widely applied in many buildings especially high-rise buildings with good economic effect. However the theory of short pile has not been systematically established yet. In this paper, some interrelated theories and researches about short pile have been introduced include pile sinking theory, pile-soil interaction theory and settlement calculation research of pile foundation. At the end, some new directions of study about short pile have been pointed out.
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