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Authors: Xiao Bin Song, Hong Yong Tang, Wei Ping Zhang, Xiang Lin Gu
Abstract: This paper presents the results of an experimental study on the compressive stress-strain relationship of wood confined with fiber composite sheets. Wood cylinders confined with carbon fiber composite sheets along full length were tested by compression load. The tests considered up to three layers of fiber sheets. The results will be used to verify a numerical analysis model, which will be further used to conduct a parametric study of the influential factors. The generated knowledge can be used as reference for strengthening designs of historical timber structures using fiber reinforcing products.
Authors: Xiang Li, Xiang Lin Gu, Xiao Bin Song, Jian Nan Wang
Abstract: Surveying and mapping the appearance of architecture plane is a supporting technology of historic buildings. To meet the need of plan survey in-house, a new close-range photogrammetry method was developed by laser reticule system. With the help of the system, two parallel level lines and eight vertical laser lines can be marked on the surface of inner walls. When the relationship between the distance from a vertical line and the length of the same line on an image picture is studied, the spatial location of room corners and some characteristic points on the images can be determined. Based on the photogrammetry and plane table operation method, architectural plane mapping can be done easily following a set of laser reticule images which were shot in situ closed by a non-metric digital camera. More details of historic buildings can be recorded on drawing sheets and images monogamy at the same time by using the proposed method, which are the basic information for the structural analysis of historic buildings.
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