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Authors: Zhe An Lu, Xin Jin, Xiao Chun Fan
Abstract: The stress behavior of the reinforced inorganic polymer concrete(IPC) beam was discussed, included the load-deflection curve, craze load and ultimate bearing capacity under the static load function through the method of the experimental study and the non-linear finite element analysis. Compared the data of the experiment with the results of the finite element analysis, it indicates that the reinforced IPC beam owns higher ductility ratio and better deformation capacity on the same loading condition. Meanwhile, the cracks of IPC beam develop more slowly than the normal ones, there were less and smaller cracks on IPC beam. The research results offer the theoretical and experimental references for engineering practice and design index of IPC.
Authors: Yu Dong Wang, Xiao Chun Fan, Chun Lin Xiang, Hua Liu
Abstract: Temperature and elastic modulus of mass steel fiber concrete change as time in casting process. If not well handled, it is easy to crack in the process of construction. In order to hold the temperature distribution of mass high strength concrete in pouring process, we set up the model that meets with engineering characteristics. It is based on the partial differential equation of heat conduction and elastic modulus value from test and cement hydration heat of concrete on site. By contrast, the simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental results.
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