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Authors: Chuan Yong Cui, Guo Ming Han, Xiao Feng Sun
Abstract: Effects of Ce addition on the microstructures and mechanical properties of the Ni-Co-based superalloy were investigated. The results showed that addition of Ce to the alloys resulted in a Ce-rich phase (Ni,Co)3Ce formation. The rupture life was improved greatly by Ce addition and the optimal Ce addition was about 0.2 wt.%. Both peak stress and critical stress of dynamic recrystallization were increased with increasing (Ni,Co)3Ce phases, which was mainly due to pinning effect on grain boundary sliding by precipitation.
Authors: Jin Jiang Yu, Yan Hong Yang, Xiao Feng Sun, Zhuang Qi Hu, Quan Xin Nie, Wei Ping Xie, Jin Hui Wang
Abstract: The directionally solidified Nb-Ti-Si-Cr-Al-Ta-Hf-C-B (NTS-09C) superalloys were prepared by HRS method. This alloy with strong orientations of (Nb, Ti)ss and Nb-silicide along the growth direction consists of (Nb,Ti)ss, (Nb,Ti)3Si, Nb5Si3, MC carbide and C14 Laves phases. Not only the morphologies and compositions of various phases have been systemically studied, but also the formation mechanisms have been analyzed and discussed in detail.
Authors: Jin Jiang Yu, Xiao Feng Sun, Jiang Xin Lou, Hai Xia Lang, Heng Rong Guan, Zhuang Qi Hu
Abstract: The effects of application of recycled scraps on the composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of SRR99 alloy were studied. The compositions of recycle master alloy are similar to that of the fresh alloy. However, nitrogen content, the size and amount of microporosity increase significantly with the recycle material proportion. Granular, lamellar and strip-like MC particles mainly represent in the interdendritic regions of the revert alloy. With the addition of the recycled material proportion, the amount of the granular ones rapidly drop and the lamellar ones gently enhance. The stress rupture life decline with the addition of the recycled material proportion. The oxide and sulphide inclusions in revert superalloy can be effectively captured and removed by a foam ceramic filter so that the tensile and stress rupture property has been significantly improved.
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