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Authors: Y.H. Ding, Xin Gai Yao, G. Ya, P. Lu
Abstract: Magnetic abrasive grain is a kind of tool for magnetic abrasive finishing (MAF). The lifetime of the grains is the choke point which restricts its finishing efficiency and the surface quality processed by MAF .Therefore, a kind of magnetic abrasive grains based on Cr and Ni elements is investigated. The interrelated experimental results show: the new magnetic abrasive grains is a practical finishing tool with longer lifetime, higher finishing efficiency, better abrasive resistance compared with traditional magnetic abrasive grains. It supplies a power for promoting the development of MAF.
Authors: Xin Gai Yao, Shi Ying Wang, Yan Hong Ding, Gang Ya, Jie Zhang
Abstract: In the paper, a new method of using rotating magnetic field generated by a stator of alternative electromotor to polish the inner surface of tube-type workpieces is proposed; a finishing device using the stator construction and inverter is designed; the finishing mechanism is analyzed and experiments are carried out. Experimental investigations show that filling amount of magnetic abrasive influences the surface roughness of workpiece directly and have an optimal value. The higher magnetic conductivity is, and the finer finishing effect is. The attraction force of magnetic particles depends on intensity of magnetic induction directly and has the optimal value. The higher the rotation speed is, and the lower the value of surface roughness. Under the optimal experimental condition, the new method can reduce the value of surface roughness more than 2 grades. Therefore, this technique has prospective application future.
Authors: Xin Gai Yao, Yan Hong Ding, Gang Ya, Wei Wei Liu, Yuan Zhang
Abstract: In the paper, a new method of using rotating magnetic field generated by a stator of alternative electromotor to finish the inner surface of tube-type workpiece is proposed. Force and movements of magnetic abrasive are analyzed. The finishing mechanism is analyzed and the sliding, friction and scratching between magnetic abrasives and the workpiece inner surface may be main factors of material removal as the non-mechanical relative motion is produced.
Authors: Xin Gai Yao, Yan Hong Ding
Abstract: Magnetic finishing is a new machining technology. It was widely developed for its high productivity and quality, especially its better flexibility and self-sharpness finishing tools. As a new material, Nd-Fe-B with high magnetic energy makes the internal finishing easier. Being used as permanent magnetic pole to finishing the surface of workpieces instead of solenoid, it makes the structure of magnetic pole more compact and the techniques adaptability better. Internal finishing using permanent magnetic pole is mainly discussed in this paper: a new technology to finishing the middle/small or deep hole using permanent magnetic pole is provided; a new kind of pole is developed, lots of experiments have been completed ,the roughness of internal surface is decreased from Ra0.8μm to about Ra0.3~0.1μm. The data prove that internal finishing using permanent magnetic pole is ideal technology.
Authors: Yan Hong Ding, Xin Gai Yao, Xing Xiang Wang, Shi Chun Yang
Abstract: Magnetic abrasive finishing (MAF) is a kind of method for polishing the surfaces and the edges. The investigation for the technique of MAF and the development of the ferromagnetic poles lay a theoretical foundation for developing a new method for finishing the curved surfaces automatically under the numerical control. In the paper, the performance parameters of the developed magneto poles, which are used for finishing the plane surfaces and the curved ones, have been tested. The curvature of the finished surface, the sloping angle of the machined surface and the rotation speed of the poles, which affect the surface roughness, are studied theoretically. What mentioned above supply references to the practical uses of the MAF, especially in the mould manufacturing.
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