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Authors: Jian Cheng, Yi Min Wei, Xin Xiong, Chun Biao Gan, Shi Xi Yang
Abstract: Aiming at issues of the modern embedded turbine supervisory instruments such as simplistic function, weak process power, low efficiency and so on, the technique of double CPUs with the cores of Intel PXA270 and Cyclone II EP2C20 microprocessors is employed in the present design. With embedded linux operating system and the developing platform of Qt software implemented, important functions such as data acquisition, data transfer based on TCP/IP protocols, display of data waveform, local storage of data, data analysis, elementary fault diagnosis and so forth can be achieved all together in a single facility. After tested on the Rotor Kit 4 of Bently Nevada and applied on 300MW turbine of the Power System Dynamic Simulation Laboratory in North China Electric Power University, the newly designed embedded turbine supervisory instruments show that the technique of double CPUs is effective, and the portable system can overcome the deficiencies of the modern embedded turbine supervisory instruments as mentioned above.
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