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Authors: Yun Feng Liu, Xing Tao Dong, Fu Dong Zhu
Abstract: The scaffolds of bone tissue engineering (BTE) are designed with complex interconnected pores for providing mechanical support, cell attachment and nutrition delivery, and can be directly fabricated via rapid prototyping (RP). Based on reviews on amount of papers, fundamental of BTE, including research procedure and biomaterials for scaffold are presented. And various RP methods for scaffold fabrication, including selective laser sintering (SLS), fused deposition modeling (FDM), 3 dimension printing (3DP), are introduced. The conclusions including existing problems and future researches about BTE scaffold fabrication are given at the end.
Authors: Yun Feng Liu, Xing Tao Dong, Hui Yong Zhu, Wei Peng
Abstract: Conventional methods for diagnosis and operation planning based on 2D image are still widely used in oral and maxillofacial prostheses surgery, and the accuracy and efficiency are needed to improve eagerly. Aiming at this problem, rapid prototyping (RP), a technique of advanced manufacturing, is applied to fabricate the physical model of bone, and which is used to simulate the operation further. The procedure of RP based precise surgery is presented, and some key techniques including CT image processing, 3D bone model reconstruction, repairing model design, physical model fabrication, pre-operation simulation are discussed in detail. Total 25 successful clinical applications illustrate that, with RP based precise surgery methodology, the efficiency and quality of oral and maxillofacial prostheses can be improved effectively.
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