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Authors: Xiu Li Cao, Gang Ye, Hai Gang Gou
Abstract: Bond-slip performance between section steel and concrete has influence on deformation of steel reinforced concrete beams based on results of experimental studies. Current standards on steel reinforced concrete structures do not involve bond-slip effects when calculating the deflection of steel reinforced concrete beams and this is not valid exactly. This paper describes a new method of deflection calculation for steel reinforced concrete beams, which considering the bond-slip effects on deformation. Deflection of steel reinforced concrete beams are divided into two parts: deflection of steel reinforced concrete beams under loads considering the fully bond between steel and concrete, and the additional deflection caused by the bond-slip. The sum of the two parts is the total deflection. Results show that the proposed method in this paper fits with experimental results.
Authors: Xiu Li Cao, Bing Qing Xia, Zheng Bao Liu
Abstract: The constituents of concrete have a crucial effect on early age cracks of pumping concrete. Based on early age cracking mechanism of pumping concrete, the influence of raw materials, which includes cement, coarse and fine aggregates, mix ratio, admixtures, mineral additives and fibers on cracks are analyzed. The results show that the extent of early age cracking varies with constituents of concrete. It is advised that the appropriate concrete materials should be selected in terms of specific engineering features, not only by the requirements of strength and slump. With regards to the projects that are required crack control strictly, the characteristics of pump construction should be considered and the appropriate composition of concrete, especially the types and dosage of admixtures, mineral additives and fibers, should be determined by experiments.
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