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Authors: Wei Xiang Xu, Jing Xu, Xu Min Liu, Rui Dong
Abstract: The methods of pruning have great influence on the effect of the decision tree. By researching on the pruning method based on misclassification, introduced the conception of condition misclassification and improved the standard of pruning. Propose the conditional misclassification pruning method for decision tree optimization and apply it in C4.5 algorithm. The experiment result shows that the condition misclassification pruning can avoid over pruned problem and non-enough pruned problem to some extent and improve the accurate of classification.
Authors: Wei Xiang Xu, Ling Yan Sun, Xu Min Liu
Abstract: The paper investigates kinds of classical Bayes classification arithmetic and summarizes their advantage and disadvantage, then introduces an improved weighted mixed Bayes classification model. It divides attribute sets into several subsets theorem. The subsets are trained by TAN (Tree Augmented Naive Bayes) and the results are integrated by weighted formula. At the same, the paper introduced a new method to compute the weights of attribute subsets. Finally, Experimental results show that this model has higher classification accuracy and practicability.
Authors: Xu Min Liu, Xu Zhai
Abstract: Real time modeling and rendering of natural Phenomena has been a hotspot and One of the most difficult tasks in Computer Graphics, it has been found wide application in many domains such as computer animation, computer games, special effects of movie, landscaping, battlefield simulation and virtual reality etc.. Realistic simulation is generally consisting of natural elements simulation and man-made elements simulation, natural elements simulation is relatively complicated. However, in natural elements simulation trees simulation is one of the most complex technologies. In this paper, propose a method that is real-time visualization of animated trees in the wind. Compared with other previous studies, our work is to develop a physical model of real movement by the trees swaying animation. We describe the method is consistent with nature scene that branches move in the wind. Then, we describe a simple animation of trees swaying, in the local graphics processor.
Authors: Xu Min Liu, Xian Peng Yang, Yan Ling Wu
Abstract: Shape controlling is a popular topic in curves and surfaces design with free form. In this paper, a new curve, to be called Biquadratic TC-Bézier curves with shape parameter , is constructed in the space . We show that such curves share the same properties as the traditional Bézier curves in polynomial spaces. The shape of new curves, representing circle and ellipse accurately, can be adjusted by changing the value of the parameter . Then we give the G1 continuity conditions of Biquadratic TC-Bézier curves with shape parameter and its application in surfaces modeling.
Authors: Xu Min Liu, Wei Xiang Xu, Jing Xu, Yong Guan
Abstract: The research is mainly made on the G1/C1 matching condition of spline curves. On the basis of the analysis on the basic function of T-B spline curves and the features of curve endpoints, we proposed the n+1 order T-B spline basic function and the solving method. The G1/C1 matching condition of C-B spline curves and T-B spline curves is put forward in this paper. On this condition, when matching C-B spline curves and T-B spline curves, the controlling vertexes can be added to make C-B spline curve tangent with the first and last edge by the first and last vertex of controlling polygon. Application instances were put up in this paper which illustrated that the G1/C1 matching between T-B spline curve and C-B spline curve using the feature of T-B spline curve which can represents semiellipse arc (semicircle arc) precisely can solve the problem that C-B spline curve cannot represents semiellipse arc (semicircle arc) precisely.
Authors: Wei Xiang Xu, Liu Qiang Wang, Xu Min Liu
Abstract: Quadratic TC-Bézier curves with shape parameter is constructed in a special space, it shares most optimal properties as those of the quadratic Bézier curves and its shape can be adjusted by changing the parameter value in . The circle and ellipse can be represented with this curve accurately. Presents G1 condition of quadratic TC-Bézier curves, the results have definite geometric meanings and can be applied to surface modeling conveniently.
Authors: Yu Chen, Wei Xiang Xu, Xu Min Liu
Abstract: This paper analyzed the existing association rules update algorithm IUA, found out that when the decision makers gave priority attention to the situation of maximum frequent itemsets, this algorithm cannot lower the cost of the database traversal to quickly access to the largest number of frequent itemsets. For the lack of the algorithm, an algorithm which is based on reverse search approach to update association rules is presented. The updating algorithm based on reverse search first generated all frequent itemsets of new itemsets. Then, it spliced the new largest frequent itemsets and original largest frequent itemsets for trimming, get the updated maximal frequent itemsets. This algorithm not only reduces the traversal times in the process of association rules updating, but also realized the priority access to the largest operation of frequent itemsets.
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