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Authors: Y.G. Ko, Y.G. Kim, S. Namgung, Dong Hyuk Shin, Sung Hak Lee
Abstract: In this study, dynamic deformation behavior of submicrocrystalline aluminum alloy was established with respect to equal-channel angular (ECA) pressing routes such as A, B, and C. After 8-pass ECA pressings, the deformed samples, regardless of the routes applied, were consisted of ultrafine grains together with high dislocation density near the boundaries. Microstructural observation revealed that the sample deformed via route B showed more diffused diffraction pattern than those deformed via route A and C, suggesting the fact that route B was most effective for a rapid evolution in the grain boundary orientation from low-angle to high-angle characteristics. In the torsion tests, the shear stress decreased once reaching the maximum point. This maximum was the highest in the sample deformed via route B, and decreased in the order of the route C and route A. The dynamic deformation was explained based on microstructural uniformity associated with ECA pressing routes.
Authors: D.Y. Choi, J. Hwang, K.M. Lee, K.R. Shin, Y.G. Ko, D.H. Shin
Abstract: The paper reported the effect of zirconia incorporation on the oxide layer modification of the valve metal such as magnesium coated by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO). To incorporate zirconia particles into the oxide layer, PEO coatings were carried out under AC condition in electrolytes containing zirconia powder. After PEO coatings, structure observation revealed that a number of zirconia particles were distributed uniformly throughout the oxide layer while the size and distribution of pores remained unchanged as compared to the results coated by PEO without zirconia. It was found that fine zirconia particles incorporated into the oxide layers played an important role in enhancing the anti-corrosion properties of bare metal.
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