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Authors: Ying Xue Yao, Y. Lu, Zhe Jun Yuan, J.Y. Hu
Abstract: This paper introduces a new hybrid model for tool condition monitoring (TCM) and optimal tool management (OTM) in end milling operation. The model includes a wavelet fuzzy neural network with acoustic emission (AE) and a model of fuzzy classification of tool wear state with the detected cutting parameters supported by cutting database. The results estimated by cutting conditions and detected signals are fused by artificial neural network (ANN) so as to facilitate effective tool replacement at a proper state or time. The validity and reliability of the method are verified by experimental results.
Authors: Ian T. Ferguson, S. Liang, C.A. Tran, R.F. Karlicek, Zhe Chuan Feng, Y. Lu, C. Joseph
Authors: Hang Gao, K. Zhao, Y. Lu
Abstract: Taking the three-dimensional CAD software Solidworks as developing platform and with the help of its powerful OLE technical support offered, the mathematical model of involute curved surface of bevel gear is established and the 3-D parameterized design and analyzing system for involute gear parts is developed in the paper. By inputting necessary variables on the interface of the gear design system an accurate 3-D parameterized geometric entity of involute gear can be automatically created. In the design system a kind of method called template technique is developed to realize the conversion of a gear part from 3-D geometric entity to corresponding 2-D standard engineering drawing and the marking of necessary design technical requests and parameters on the engineering drawing automatically, which offsets the lack that current three-dimensional CAD software can not automatically create standard two-dimensional CAD engineering drawing. Also the gear strength checkout program module is developed which is helpful to greatly improve design efficiency of involute gear parts.
Authors: Q. Su, Z. Pei, Q. Zeng, L. Chi, Shi Zhong Liu, J. Lin, Shao Ping Wang, Y. Lu
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