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Authors: S.Q. Peng, Y.X. Dai, Y.B. Zhang, Jin Jiang, Ju Long Yuan
Abstract: Multi-wire sawing is a novel method for slicing silicon. The tension control of wire is a vital factor that has impaction on the slicing process. Along with the modern wind machine developing to higher speed and precision, tension control technology becomes more important. This paper introduces a closed-loop tension control system with the digital signal processor (DSP) with function modules as its control kernel, the alternating current (AC) servo motor as execute element and the radius-following device to accomplish the real-time radius compensation. The mechanism of the tension control system is analyzed and the numerical model is set up. The compensation technique of the radius of the scroll is analyzed. Experimental results show that the system is well qualified with high control precision and high reaction speed.
Authors: Jin Jiang, Y.X. Dai, Y.B. Zhang, R. Tang, Wan Li Xiong
Abstract: Aimed at the problem of multi-motor synchronization in multi-wire saw, Strategy based on model-free adaptive control (MFAC), which has some characteristics such as without accurate system model, without system identification and without complicated manual tuning, is produced. MFAC is based directly on pseudo-partial-derivatives (PPD) derived on-line from the input and output data of the system using a novel parameter estimation algorithm. It is suitable for multi-wire saw in such a complex system which is nonlinearity, strong interference and strong coupling. Overall design of multi-wire saw is analyzed. Control structure of multi-motor is given. Motion model of multi-motor synchronization is established. To speed of main motor for reference, supply spool motor and collect spool motor, which have similar dynamic characteristics with main motor, are adjusted adaptively to follow operation of main motor, and synchronization motion is ensured. The prototype experiments show that the method used is right and feasible.
Authors: R. Tang, Y.X. Dai, Y.B. Zhang, Ju Long Yuan, Wan Li Xiong
Abstract: The deflection of cutting wire on multi-wire saw is determined by cutting wire tension, diameter ingot feed force and some other factors, and it affects the quality of silicon wafers greatly. In this paper, the initial stage of cutting process is analyzed and modeled with three ODEs. Then the numerical solutions are solved by finding out the BVPs of each ODE. The numerical solutions showed the relationship between the deflection and the cutting parameters such as cutting wire tension, diameter and ingot feed force. This method is helpful for the further research of modeling the entire cutting process.
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