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Authors: X.L. Fu, Y. Z. Pan, Xiao Qin Wang
Abstract: Surface hardening plays an important role in the evaluation of surface quality and performance of wear-resisting of components. Surface hardening of aluminum alloy 7050 is researched in high speed milling by means of micro-hardness experiments and formula. It is greatly influenced by different cutting speed and material. The relationship between surface hardness and cutting parameters are obtained and studied. The surface hardening is particularly sensitive to cutting speed and slightly to the width of cut. The effect of depth variant of machined layer on micro-hardness is analyzed, and the equation between work hardening capacity and layer depth is established to predict the harden layer depth in different conditions. The experiment results show that the work hardening capacity and layer depth in high speed cutting is greater than that in conventional cutting.
Authors: X.Q Wang, Xing Ai, Jun Zhao, X.L. Fu, Y. Z. Pan
Abstract: Ti6Al4V is a difficult to machine alloy with low cutting efficiency and server tool wear. A series of orthogonal turning tests with coated carbide in higher speed scale was carried out on a CA6140 lathe. The experiential functions of tool life based on orthogonal experiment were developed. The tool wear morphologies were examined by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and energy disperse spectroscopy (EDS), adhesion, diffusion and micro-chipping were the major wear mechanisms of coated carbide tool. Finally, the cutting parameters of coated carbide tool in Ti6Al4V dry turning were optimized based on tool life-efficiency contour analysis, in same cutting efficiency, the lower cutting speed and larger depth of cut are the better selection in Ti6Al4V turning for coated carbide tool.
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