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Authors: Ji Cheng Zhou, Zhi Jun Liao, Jian Qi Qi, Wei Pang, Ya Wen, Jin Song Wen, Hai Ping Wang, Jun Feng He, Deng Xue Wu, Tie Cheng Lu
Abstract: Transparent AlON ceramics are prepared with single-phase AlON powder synthesized from micron-sized aluminum and nano-sized alumina. The ceramics are prepared through sintering at the temperature of 1880°C for 10, 20 and 40 hours in flowing-nitrogen atmosphere, respectively. The effects of powder and temperature holding-time on transparent ceramic preparation and microstructure and transparency are investigated. The results show that all samples are transparent and of a single-phase AlON and, with increasing holding-time, the average pore size and porosity decreases and consequently, the ceramics are dense and their transparency is improved.
Authors: Hai Ping Wang, Deng Xue Wu, Wei Pang, Jian Qi Qi, Ji Cheng Zhou, Jin Song Wen, Zi Meng Cheng, Ya Wen, Zhi Jun Liao, Tie Cheng Lu
Abstract: Aluminum oxynitride powders were synthesized by carbothermal reduction, using nano-sized alpha-alumina, gamma-alumina and carbon as raw materials. Effects of the weight percentages of alpha-alumina in alumina (R) and synthesizing temperatures (T) on the preparation of single-phase AlON powders have been studied. The results showed that proper R can reduce the shrinkage and increase the formation rate of AlON phase, but a high R will reduce the formation rate of AlON phase, because the activity of alpha-alumina was lower than that of gamma-alumina. Single-phase AlON powder with excellent properties can be obtained under the condition of R=0.15, T=1700°C. Moreover, this single-phase AlON powder was well-dispersed with an average size of about 2 μm.
Authors: Jian Qi Qi, Tie Cheng Lu, Ji Cheng Zhou, Wei Pang, Jin Song Wen, Hai Ping Wang, Jun Feng He, Ya Wen, Zi Meng Cheng, Zhi Jun Liao, Deng Xue Wu
Abstract: The single-phase AlON powder used to prepare transparent ceramics was synthesized from solid-state-reaction using nano-sized Al2O3 and AlN powders with high purity. An appropriate amount of the powder was molded into pellets and isostatically pressed using polyvinyl alcohol as the binder. The AlON ceramic samples were obtained by sintering the pellets at 1880°C for 10 h, 20 h and 40 h, respectively. The transparency of the samples increased as the temperature holding time was prolonged. The density, phase compositions and microstructures of the sintered samples were discussed in detail.
Authors: Wei Pang, Deng Xue Wu, Hai Ping Wang, Jian Qi Qi, Ji Cheng Zhou, Jin Song Wen, Jun Feng He, Ya Wen, Zhi Jun Liao, Tie Cheng Lu
Abstract: Single-phase AlON powder was prepared by carbothermal reduction in flowing nitrogen atmosphere, using nano-sized alumina and carbon powder as raw materials. Transparent AlON ceramic samples using the single-phase powder were prepared by sintering at the temperature of 1880°C for 10h, 20h and 40h in flowing nitrogen atmosphere, respectively. It showed that the transparency and the density of the ceramic samples increased with increasing temperature holding-time. And the microstructures of the obtained samples were observed.
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