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Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Jun Ge Du, Chuan Mei Shi
Abstract: The fatigue destruction is one way of expiration of pressure vessels, In order to avoid the accident occurring, it is extremely important to carry on the fatigue analysis to the pressure vessels. First, this article introduces the definition of fatigue destruction, the primary factors of affecting the fatigue expiration, and the advantages the analysis principle when the ANSYS finite element is applied to fatigue analysis; Then, this article carries on the stress analysis based on ANSYS software to the CNG storage gas pressure vessel, produces the stress distributed cloud chart, and gets the node number where is the maximum stress; Finally, This article carries on the fatigue analysis based on stress analysis result, the fatigue analysis demonstrates the CNG pressure vessel is effective in the establishment service life, Its fatigue accumulative damage coefficient is smaller than 1,Which explain it can satisfy the fatigue strength request.
Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Chao Bie, Fen Cheng, Zhi Zhong Su, Mamtimin Gheni
Abstract: The piston is a key moving-part of the reciprocating piston compressor with a high failure rate. Because of the difficult exact calculation of machinery dynamic, the traditional and common way to find the reason of fracture is based on metal-lographic phase of piston material. The C102B reciprocating piston compressor is an important equipment in methanol plant. In this paper, in connection with the piston fracture of the C102B fresh air compressor on service , besides a lot of analysis on metal-lographic phase, the 3-D model of piston and cylinder were built-up, and the two dangerous places where the piston suffered max-force were found. Bases on ANSYS and FEM technology, the value of max-force on piston at the two places were carried out. Finally, the reasons of piston fracture of the C102B fresh air compressor were found and some preventive suggestion was proposed.
Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Hai Li Pan, Tao Yang
Abstract: Reliability and availability are important symbols which weigh the reliability of product. Chemical production equipment system is consisted of many single devices. Due to special dangerous, the reliability analysis to whole equipment system is very important to keeping the safety of production process. In this article, to chemical process equipment system, the reliability calculation method, basic principles, basic assumptions and calculation program are described. To a aromatic semi-renewable dehydration process system, by using the reliability calculated method above, the fault tree and reliability block diagram are derived, the system reliability and availability are accounted, the corresponding reliability and availability curves are obtained and the main factors influencing the reliability of the system are analyzed.
Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Tursen Gulnar
Abstract: For flat plate of Q-235 Carbon Steel whose thickness is 4, 5 and 6mm, with the small hole that diameter is 3, 5 and 7 mm in the center and the load of 9, 18 and 27 KN at the both ends, the magnetic signal on the surface of the plate under the state of static tension conditions was detected by using CMT5305 and TSC-1M-4 test instruments. It is found that the magnetic signal on the surface of the sample is interrelated with stress concentration around the hole and diameter of the hole, while independent to thickness and load of the plate.
Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Qi Gao, Yin Chang Ma, Xin Jian Zhang, Ting Zhao
Abstract: The reliability and fatigue analysis of tower at the connecting region of cylinder and skirt are very significance to tower safety. Because of large size, the common way by experimental analysis is almost impossible to achieve. In this article, to the distillation tower using in some petro-chemical company of Xinjiang, the stress and strain analysis, reliability and fatigue analysis at the connecting region of cylinder and skirt are performed by FEM. Based on the conclusions above, the main parameters which affect reliability are determined and some suggestions about structure optimization are proposed.
Authors: Jing Xiang Yang, Ya Xin Zhang, Mamtimin Gheni, Ping Ping Chang, Kai Yin Chen, Lie Yu
Abstract: In this paper, strength evaluations and reliability analysis are conducted for different types of PSSS(Periodically Symmetric Struts Supports) based on the FEA(Finite Element Analysis). The numerical models are established at first, and the PMA(Prestressed Modal Analysis) is conducted. The nodal stress value of all of the gauss points in elements are extracted out and the stress distributions are evaluated for each type of PSSS. Then using nonlinear least squares method, curve fitting is carried out, and the stress probability distribution function is obtained. The results show that although using different number of struts, the stress distribution function obeys the exponential distribution. By using nonlinear least squares method again for the distribution parameters a and b of different exponential functions, the relationship between number of struts and distribution function is obtained, and the mathematical models of the stress probability distribution functions for different supports are established. Finally, the new stress distribution model is introduced by considering the DSSI(Damaged Stress-Strength Interference), and the reliability evaluation for different types of periodically symmetric struts supports is carried out.
Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Bin Bin Li, Mamtimin Geni
Abstract: Due to the limitations of dimension and experiment cost, the reliability analysis of PSSS (Periodic Symmetric Struts Support ) mainly depend on reliability simulation. Inlet temperature, inlet velocity and inlet pressure of the thermal channel are the major random variables impacting PASS. In this paper, it generates 120 groups random variables by using stochastic finite element method ,which combined finite element software and Monte Carlo method. Temperature distribution is obtained based on fluid-structure interaction analysis with each group of variables as boundary condition, then thermal stress distribution is obtained by using steady state thermal analysis. After that, the maximum stress value of each group are extracted out, and the curve fitting for the probabilistic distribution curve of the stress was carried on. Then the function of the probabilistic distribution of maximum stress was got. According to the stress - strength interference model, the reliability calculation of PSSS was carried out, which can provides some reference data for the reliability analysis of the heavy--duty gas turbine.. This shows that by using finite element method and the monte carlo method to carry out structure strength reliability analysis of maximum stress area is feasible.
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