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Authors: Yan Hui Chen
Abstract: Information and communication are key to the ability of the organization to respond to change. Information and communication technology (ICT) penetrates into all aspects of economy. Now graduate of comprehensive regional higher education institutes (CRHEIs) are main source of workers. Those CRHEIs should improve their quality of learning for their student being good workers. In this paper, we analyses ICT–based learning issues from undergraduates preparing for postgraduate entrance exams and undergraduates seeking a job in Linyi University. The methodology for carrying out the tasks mainly contains questionnaires according to normative Delphi technique. The research provides information and communications strategy which CRHEIs authorities should take in order to properly integrate ICTs in their CRHEIs and get their benefits.
Authors: Yan Hui Chen
Abstract: The control of chaotic synchronization is the kernel technology in chaos-based secure communication. Those control methods have to transmitting control signal which increase the security risks of the communication system. Attacker can reconstruct the chaotic system or estimate parameters by using the information of the chaotic system. In this paper we propose a hybrid Liu chaotic synchronization control scheme which contains both continuous chaotic system with oscillating parameters approach to 0 and discrete chaotic system. By theory of impulsive differential equations, we proved a theorem that two continuous Liu chaotic systems can get synchronized without control signal transmitting which has reduced the risk of the security.
Authors: Yan Hui Chen
Abstract: Many regional higher education institutes (mainly regional university) promoted to be comprehensive regional higher education institutes (CRHEIs) from 2006 in China. Students in those CRHEIs become more and more, and the quality of teaching should be improved. This paper reports on findings amongst staff in adopting information technology at Linyi University and Southwest University. The methodology for carrying out the tasks involved using questionnaire that assessed views of staff in their use of email, software tools and internet facilities for teaching and learning issues. We discussed these issues using normative Delphi method. The paper ends with recommendations for future research.
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