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Authors: Yan Jun Wang, Tatsuhiko Aizawa, Chikashi Nishimura
Authors: Xiao Hui Wei, Yan Jun Wang, Hong Xia Li, Jia Lin Sun
Abstract: The influence of silicon addition on the microstructure and properties of corundum-mullite refractory was studied. Results show that Si addition as raw material of the matrix can accelerate mullite crystal formation. The oxidation of Si leads to nucleation of mullite via liquid phase and gas phase. The network microstructure is formed by tiny mullite crystals with few glass phase. So it enhances obviously the high temperature strength of sintered corundum-mullite refractory.
Authors: Xian Li Liu, Y.F. Li, Fu Gang Yan, Yang Wang, Jing Shu Hu, Yan Jun Wang
Abstract: Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) composite sheet is a kind of material for cutter blank, which is formed by uniformly mixing micron diamond particles and metal binder powder such as Co and Ni, then sintered on WC under high pressure and high temperature. PCD tools have broad application and very high commercial value. However, compared with other materials, PCD tools’ service life relies greatly on blade sharpening quality. This paper just experimented on preparing precision blade of CTB002 PCD composite sheet on grinding machine of high precision diamond tools and with different performance parameters of TYROLIT diamond grinding wheel. Rotational speed of grinding wheel, grain size of grinding wheel and grinding pressure were researched in the orthogonal test method, which have the largest influence on grinding process, and influencing rules and the best combination of the three parameters are obtained.
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