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Authors: Yan Nian Rui, Xiao Mei Jiang, Kai Qiang Liu
Abstract: How to master the technology innovation and method and technique in product exploitation, has been always one of the issues of research and discussion. Based on more than 40 years’ experiences of engagement in mechanical and electrical technology on product research, design, teaching, the author proposed and constructed "OF + N" theoretical method (for short: method of creating inventive and innovative topics) suitable for technological innovation and product development. Some innovative design was implemented using the theoretical method through years of research and probe.
Authors: Yan Nian Rui, Ming Wang, W.J. Liu, Dun Wen Zuo, M. Wang
Abstract: According to dyeing and printing wastewater of high chroma and difficult decomposition, a new ultrasonic focalize decomposition method is provide, which can decompose those are difficult to do. In this article, Dynamic adding-pressure dissolving-air, ultrasonic focalize and flocculate floating-air are assembled to advance the treatment effect. Through the research, the dynamic models of adding pressure and dissolving air and flocculate floating-air are constructed. Based on the theory research, a experiment device is designed. The effect and influence factors are discussed, which provides a new way to process dyeing and printing wastewater of high chroma and difficult decomposition.
Authors: Wen Bin Ma, Kai Zhang, Jian Hua Liu, Yan Nian Rui
Abstract: A new decoupling control structure is presented for complex special shape pipe welding process, which consists of model construction by reorganization method. Using this structure, an decoupling control system is established which realizes an adaptive decoupling control strategy for the welding processes with integrated complexities by using structure of decoupling control system and based on multivariable predictive function and nash optimization to making sure the right coefficient. Such system can be easily implemented on the welding peocess and simulation show this approach is effective.
Authors: Xiao Xin Gong, Yan Nian Rui, Guo Feng Qian, Xiao Ren Duan
Abstract: It is important for the CNC machining process of the typical sliding block parts with special shape in automobile mold. The mold structure analysis is developed, and the process schemes and cutting parameters of the mold machine are optimized during producing mold based on the mold structure analysis. The present analysis can solve the difficult processing problems of the complex parts and improve the process quality and production efficiency. is the method has the advangtages of advanced, scientific and practical etc..
Authors: Xiao Ping Li, Hai Lan Liu, Yan Nian Rui
Abstract: Through research on Pneumatic Conveying technology and the principle of Laval Jet, we completed the design of key parts of a mud dust conveying system used a new small trenchless drilling robot in municipal road construction.
Authors: Jing Fei Huang, Yan Nian Rui
Abstract: The oil seal of the high-speed non-woven loom needle spindle is a difficult problem, which has always been probed among the product manufacturer and the users. A new structure, the micro-nanon magnetic fluid seal plus the packing seal, is designed in this paper. It is suitable for the high-speed linear reciprocating spindle. The new structure is applied to the practical production. Through the productive experiments, the reliability of the structure is further optimized. So the reliability problem of the needle spindle oil seal is well solved.
Authors: Wolfgang Bleck, Ming Wang, Dun Wen Zuo, Min Wang, Yan Nian Rui
Abstract: How to improve the surface quality of large-scale silicon wafer in the ultra-precision grinding process, will always be the most important issue discussed by the silicon wafer manufacturer. In this paper, the advantage of ultrasonic grinding is being explored. These advantages included small macro grinding force, grinding stress, low grinding heat, which will reduce the surface damage. Combined with relatively abrasive, a large-scale silicon wafer can be processed. Through the study, an experimental system for ultrasonic grinding of large-scale silicon wafer is designed. The working parameter is optimized and the expected result is obtained, which searches a new way for the practical implementation.
Authors: Yi Fang Wen, Yan Nian Rui, Hong Wei Wang
Abstract: The graft polymerization in radio frequency hollow cathode plasma (RFHCP) is suitable for the surface modification of large-area thin film materials. The homogeneity of plasma surface modification of large-area thin film materials has always been paid close attention, and it is also the key factor affecting the industrialized applications of the technique. However, the homogeneity of plasma surface modification is thought to depend greatly on the distribution of discharge gas. In this paper, a finite element model is proposed to discuss the flow of discharge gas in hollow cathode plasma. The concentration distribution of the discharge gas has been discussed by the combination of numerical simulation of fluid distribution and pipe flow theory based on the investigation of the transport property of gas under vacuum. Comparisons between available experiments have also been performed to validate the applicability and practicability of the proposed model.
Authors: Xiao Xin Gong, Yan Nian Rui, Ying Ping He
Abstract: When the common cylindrical helical spring is used in high-frequency vibration sieve for slime dewatering, there are many problems such as poor vibration resistance, easy happening fatigue fracture, etc. In order to solve these problems, this paper uses the stranded wire helical spring as a support instead, and applies fuzzy theory method to get the optimization design. By selecting the design variables correlated with spring and determining the objective function together with the constraint conditions, the fuzzy optimization mathematical model is built and the optimum solution is obtained so as to achieve the perfect results of optimization.
Authors: H.I. Liu, X.P. Li, Yan Nian Rui, Ying Ping He
Abstract: High Speed Brushes Aeration Mechanics are the effective aeration equipments which are widely used in the environmental protection. Because of the big span of main spindle and its high speed when it is working, the breakdown sometimes occurs. It is very importance to monitor its condition and diagnose its breakdowns. Turbulent Flow Displacement Sensors are the non-contact types which are based on eddy current effect. It has many advantages, such as good linearity, wide frequency response scope, convenience installment and so on. So it is very suitable for the main spindle’s vibration signals of a high speed brushes aeration mechanic are monitored. With the development of Artificial Neural Networks technology, the equipment breakdown diagnosis has realized intellectualization. The recognition of equipment failure types is one of the most important studying domains of Artificial Neural Networks at present. Based on the research of eddy current effect and Artificial Neural Networks, we build up a test system which can monitor condition and diagnose breakdown to a GSB-12 high speed brushes aeration mechanic. With the help of it, the vibration signals of the measurement points on the main spindle are measured at two mutually vertical positions. The signals’ base frequency and multiplicative frequency are taken as characteristic value. Six common breakdowns are selected and to be taken as the standard sample and there are 3 lays in the neural network. Using FBP algorithm, we get a satisfied effect. The experiment has confirmed that this method is advanced, reliable and practical. It provides a new method about intelligent monitor and breakdown diagnosis to high speed brushes aeration mechanics’ condition.
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