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Authors: Yan Shuang Guo, Wei Shen Zhu, R.H.C. Wong, Shu Cai Li, Chun Jin Lin
Abstract: Under the action of compressive load, the growth and coalescence containing flaws in brittle materials (rock and rocklike materials e.g.) will result in the local buckling and global fracture of rockmass. But, the mechanisms on propagation and coalescence of 3-dimensional internal flaws are not clear till now. We examine brittle fractures of manmade specimens using frozen casting resin and rocklike material to observe 3D internal flaws growth process at about -30° C. A team of specimens containing three internal flaws is measured; flaws are made of three parallel oblong aluminum films. The propagation and coalescence pattern of three internal flaws is observed under compressive stress. An interesting phenomenon is that the crack initiated from the second flaw quickly turns to the one induced from the third flaw and forms a bigger fracture plane, then splits the specimen. It shows that the flaw distribution pattern will greatly affect the flaws growth and coalescence process. The mechanisms that lead to the wing and anti-wing crack initiation and coalescence are described.
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