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Authors: Yan Yan Wei, Bin Zhao, Xin Mei Chen
Abstract: This paper put forward successful integration of SWH systems into a building and propsed feasible way to realize.Application to apartment buildings in Jianda Districts is used as an example to demonstrate the whole building integration approach.And the practicality is discussed to evaluate what type of BISWH will be needed.
Authors: Chang An Liu, Xin Mei Chen, Yan Yan Wei
Abstract: The use of intelligent double-skin facades, sometimes referred to as "double facades", is attracting increasing amounts of interests from the architects throughout the world, due to the characteristics such as ecology, durability, use of natural resources, etc. This paper is written from the architectural history point of view, and gives a brief description about the development of the intelligent double-skin façade systems, from the old storm windows to modern double-skin systems, and suggests further research possibilities in this field.
Authors: Bin Zhao, Yan Yan Wei, Rui Han Wei
Abstract: By comparing the two different commercial pedestrian streets (the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, Australia and the FuRong Street, JiNan, China) in three concepts: Tradition, Energy, Operation. Thinking over the protection and inheritance of traditional urban scene and characteristic of regional space during the reconstruction of traditional block.
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