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Authors: Guan Da Liu, Bo Mo, Bo Tang, Yang Hua Li
Abstract: In this paper, the Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) and reducer are used to drive each axis of three-axis turntable. In real-time servo control systems, the position loop parameters are designated by the software CME2, and the frequency band of the middle frame with the specified amplitude can be measured. Then, the drive model is alternated to the velocity loop, and two frequency bands will be got by using the controller of NI PXI-7344 and NI 9514 separately. The reason why the three frequency bands are different can be given by analyzing the data of the three sweep tests. In addition, both advantages and disadvantages of two NI motion controllers are illustrated. Finally, the paper points out the new motion control solutions to improve the performance of the servo system by autonomous intelligent control algorithm.
Authors: Yang Hua Li, Bo Mo, Jie Zhao
Abstract: In this paper, Newton's laws of motion and momentum theorem are the theoretical basis. The equations of motion in the vertical plane are the calculation basis. In order to get the ballistic and numerical solution of motion parameters of the missile, the Runge-Kutta method and matlab are used to solve the missile Trajectory. Firstly, this paper builds the trajectory model of missile in vertical plane. Secondly, this paper chooses missile control method. Thirdly, the Runge-Kutta method and matlab are used to verify the correctness. And to further analyze the law of motion parameters changed with time.
Authors: Ying He, Bo Mo, Yang Hua Li
Abstract: Brushless DC Motor (BLDCM) is a strongly nonlinear systems, which means that we can’t get a satisfactory result by the traditional PID Controller. This paper presents an improved BP Neural Network algorithm with adaptive adjustment of learning rate and range adjustment of the output. At last, using MatLab/Simulink to verify the algorithm that it has better control precision and adaptability.
Authors: Xin Ying Yan, Bo Mo, Yang Hua Li
Abstract: This paper researches on the kinematics and dynamics of coupling for three-axis flight Simulator based on the high-speed rotation missile. Firstly, to define station body coordinate and the positive direction of rotation according to three-axis flight Simulator based on the high-speed rotation missile, and then the mathematical coupling model is established. Secondly, multivariable nonlinear mathematical model can be decoupling, while substituting the parameters quality attribute analysis solved by ProE into the mathematical model. Lastly, the decoupled linear equations and the decoupling solutions based on inverse system method were given, and then to finish the simulation and to analysis the simulation results.
Authors: Yang Hua Li, Bo Mo, Ying He, Wen Jing Zhang
Abstract: The brushless DC motor (BLDCM) has many advantages. This paper first analyzes the work principle of BLDCM and the control methods of the fuzzy PID, then designs a triple-loop controller based on the fuzzy PID BLDCM, finally makes a comparison of the traditional PID method and this new method. The experiment result shows that the result of the PID controller based on the BLDCM is much better than the traditional PID controller, the BLDCM improves the performance both on the step response of the position and the sinusoidal steady state response.
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