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Authors: Ji Hao Duan, Yao Yao Shi, Xiao Jun Lin, Ting Dong
Abstract: The blade and blisk manufacturing includes polishing process when the surface roughness and size requirement of profile are disqualified after milling process. This polishing process is mainly carried out manually by skilled workers or NC machines. However, the existing polishing technology always leads to surface quality instability and inconsistency because of the complex free-form surface of blade and blisk. Therefore, in this paper, based on the research of polishing requirements and methods of blade and blisk, an automatic 6-axis polishing machine was proposed in order to enhance surface quality. And then, a polishing mechanism was designed using flexible technique to make the polishing tool accommodate surface waviness which was produced in milling process. In addition, the working principle and control method of flexible polishing mechanism were studied. Finally, the polishing test results of blade and blisk showed that the profile error was about 0.06mm and the surface roughness was less than Ra0.4 after automatic polishing. Compared with the manual polishing process, the automatic polishing technology not only increased the polishing efficiency and quality stability, but also reduced labor intensity largely.
Authors: Long Yan, Yao Yao Shi, Rong Mo
Abstract: In the winding process, the tape always has a lateral shift along the mandrel due to various reasons. Thus, a straight-line running cannot be maintained. If effective measures are not taken in time, the tape deviation will result in the phenomenon of corrugation and crinkling. Additionally, it would influence negatively on the precise control of tension and the quality of wound products. The tape-edge detection method, based on the charge coupled device (abbreviated as CCD) linear image sensor, is proposed to detect the deviation amount. With regard to the characteristics of PID controller and Fuzzy controller, the combined controller of Fuzzy-PID is raised. According to simulations and experiments, the effect of Fuzzy-PID controller is obviously better than that of PID controller or Fuzzy controller. By presenting the detection and control techniques for the tape deviation, the automatic rectification is achieved, the consecution and the automation degree of winding process is improved as well. Therefore, the quality of wound products is guaranteed.
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