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Authors: Shu Heng Chen, Lin Jiang Wang, Xiang Li Xie, Ye Zhang
Abstract: Multilayered mullite/Mo cermet functionally gradient material (FGM) was fabricated through a powder stacking process and sintering in vacuum up to 1500°C. The composition distribution, microstructure and microhardness of the FGM were analyzed. The results indicated that the mullite/Mo FGM was well densified with composite graded distribution and there was no new phase appeared. The microhardness of the FGM increase from 467HV to 1543HV, the density from 2.919 to 7.106 g/cm3 as the content of mullite increase from 20% to 80%. The relative density exceeded 90% as the content of mullite reached 80%. Thermal shock test showed that the cracks passed through the joint without deflection.
Authors: Lin Jiang Wang, Xiang Li Xie, Ye Zhang, Ying Guang Chen
Abstract: The joining of high temperature structural ceramics to other materials is an important process commercially and technologically. Due to the existence of physical and economic limitations for the manufacture of large parts, joining is essential. Functional gradient materials (FGMs) are designed to exhibit a desirable gradient in a property, due ether to a gradient in composition, or microstructure, or both. In this paper, Si3N4-Al2O3 functional gradient joining material was prepared by hot press sintering of multilayered FGMs with 20 layers of thickness 400um each using β-Sialon as transient interlayer. The structure and properties of the materials were analyzed by the means of scan electron microscopy(SEM), X-ray diffraction(XRD) and micro-sclerometer. The components of the materials have gradient distribution and successional. The microhardness is gradient changing with the change of micro-structure. The interface between layers is tightly coupling and has no stress convergence. The test of thermal shock and fatigue cracks of FGM between 1300 °C and 900 °C show good properties of thermal stress relaxing and resistance for high temperature.
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