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Authors: Dong Chen, Zhe Chen, Peng Zhang, Yi Jie Zhang, Haiheng Ma, Hao Wei Wang
Abstract: In-situ TiB2 particles reinforced AA7055 composites were fabricated through mixed-salts route and their bending properties were studied. The composites reinforced with 5 wt % and 10 wt% TiB2 exhibit higher bending strength than the unreinforced matrix alloy. The improvement in bending strength may be attributed to dislocation strengthening, Orowan strengthening, and grain strengthening. The good bonding between the reinforcements and the matrix also plays an important role.
Authors: Yi Jie Zhang, Nai Heng Ma, Brian J. McKay, Xian Feng Li, Hao Wei Wang
Abstract: The role of Fe on the grain refinement of high purity aluminium (HPAl) was investigated after adding commercial Al-5Ti-1B grain refiner rod. Experimental results show that with a 0.08% Fe addition, the grain structure at chill zone of the HPAl sample changes from coarse to fine equiaxed grains. More importantly, the grain size observed at the centre of the HPAl sample decreased from 500±50µm to 206±30µm. The improvement has been attributed to the interfacial segregation and solute concentration of the Fe at the solid-liquid interface.
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