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Authors: Yi Xu
Abstract: Image mosaics not only can make the collected several original images regenerate a complete image, but also can correct the error caused by imaging distortion of the original images, which can achieve the objective of rapid and correct mosaic image. The program studies the image mosaics of wafer defect inspection system. For the problem that the field range taken by CCD camera under resolution of wafer defect inspection system is small, which cant get the whole wafer image once and influences the extraction of subsequent defect features, the study demands to add image mosaics to the system.
Authors: Yang Zhao, Bin Shi Xu, Yi Xu, Pei Jing Shi, Xiao Li Wang, Bo Zhang
Abstract: Tribological properties of silicate particles as 50CC additive were evaluated on an end-face friction and wear tester. The morphologies, element distributions and micro-mechanical properties of the worn surface were investigated by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) and nanoindentation tester, respectively. Results indicate that friction reduction and wear resistance properties of 50CC are improved effectively by adding silicate particles, whose main composition is Mg3[Si2O5](OH)4. The friction coefficient and surface temperature are reduced 60.6% and 35.6%. The nano-hardness of the self-repairing film is increased 30.03% compared with that of the ordinary film. It can be inferred that a high nano-hardness protective film composed of Mg, Al and O is formed on the worn surface, which has a good effect on the tribological performances.
Authors: Bo Zhang, Bin Shi Xu, Yi Xu, Xiao Li Wang, Yang Zhao
Abstract: The tribological behavior and the mechanism of nano-silicate mineral powder as lubrication oil additive were researched in the article. The tribological behavior of nano-silicate mineral powder with mass ratio 0.6% in lubrication oil 50CC was tested and compared with the lubrication oil 50CC’s by friction wear testing machine. The surface morphologies and elementary compositions of grinding cracks were analyzed by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS).The results showed that the friction coefficient is decreased 37.5%, and the lost mass of the upper proof sample reduces 68.75%, the down’s reduces 86.7%, after adding nano-silicate mineral as lubrication oil additive, by comparison to lubrication oil 50CC’s. Under the lubrication oil which has been putted nano-silicate mineral as additive, there is a repairing layer whose material is different from basal body material on the grinding cracks; in addition, Si, Mg and other elements are deposited on the repairing layer. These state that nano-silicate mineral as lubrication oil additive possesses superior behavior of wear resistance, antiwear and self-repairing effects.
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