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Authors: Meng Yi Zhang, Yi Zhang
Abstract: A control system of testing machine for rock breaking is developed based on Atmega 16 single-chip microcomputer, which acquires analog signals by a pressure sensor, a displacement sensor and a torque sensor. The system converts the signals into digital signals by means of A/D conversion and data processing, and displays them on the LCD screen. The parameters on the testing machine, such as pressures, displacements and torques, can be achieved in real time in the system. Then they are analyzed to obtain rock breaking characteristics. It is shown by experiment that the system meets the control requirements of the testing machine for rock breaking.
Authors: Ting Yin, Bao Hong Tian, Yi Zhang, Yong Liu
Abstract: The four different contents of (Cu/50W)- TiC composites were prepared by spark plasma sintering method. The density, relative density, micro-hardness and conductivity were determined, respectively. The microstructure of the composite was analyzed by SEM. The wear resistance was investigated by a QG-700 atmosphere and high temperature friction and wear tester. The results show that, when the content of TiC is 3%, the optimum comprehensive properties of the (Cu/50W)-3TiC composite are obtained. The density, micuo-hardness and conductivity of the composites are 98.7%, 113HV10 and 61.4%IACS, respectively. The wear mechanisms of the (Cu/50W)- TiC composites are mainly of micro-cutting wear and adhesive wear.
Authors: Xin Gang Yu, Di Wu, Hao Hao, Yi Zhang, Hong Chao Xu, Ya Nian Rui
Abstract: Super light-weight foam concrete with the density less than 250Kg/m3 was prepared by the physical foaming method. The pore structure and microstructure of the super light-weight foam concrete was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy.
Authors: Xiao Hong Chen, Yan Li, Bao Hong Tian, Yi Zhang, Juan Hua Su, Ping Liu
Abstract: A method of the aluminizing treatment on the surface of Cu-Al-Y alloy with addition of rare earth compound CeCl3 in 1173K was carried out. The followed internal oxidation of the aluminized Cu-Al-Y alloy was also carried out in the commercial nitrogen gas medium to generate Al2O3 dispersed hardening copper matrix composites. The hardness distribution in aluminized layer and microstructure were studied. Results show that the addition of rare earth oxide CeCl3 has great accelerating effect on the aluminizing, the aluminized layer deeper and uniform than that not add CeCl3 at the same condition. It is possible to generate Al2O3 particles dispersed hardening layer depth reached about 200μm in the surface of specimens with aluminizing and internal oxidation technique.
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