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Authors: Zhong Wei Ren, Zhen Yun Duan, Wen Hui Zhao, Yi Zhang
Abstract: In order to improve the integration and automation level of control system of bellows automatic welding equipment, an open control system of bellows welding equipment is proposed which is based on "PC+motion controller" according to the characteristics of welding bellows and current technology of welding control. IPC D610 and the motion card NextmoveES is effectively connectted by RS232 + RS232 / RS485 communication interface. And the integrated top software of control system is developped by using VB based on API function which is provided by controller, parameters setting and real time monitoring tasks module are completely integrated on one system. The syetem is reliable and effectively, the automation level of the bellows welding is greatly improved.
Authors: Zhong Feng Guo, Shi Jie Wang, Lei Wang, Yi Zhang, Zhong Wei Ren
Abstract: For studying physical properties of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber(NBR) stator of Electrical Submersible-motor-driven Progressive Cavity Pumping (ESPCP) with oil erosion, two different formulations of NBR soaked in crude oil at 90 °C for 168h. Variation rule with time of rubber quality, hardness, volume, tensile strength and elongation rate are got. The results show that erosion in the same temperature, rubber quality increase rapidly in the first 24h, increase slowly down in 24~168h. Rubber hardness does not change significantly soaked within 168h. Rubber volume change obviously in the first 72h and change slowly in 72~168h. In the first 96h, the rubber's tensile strength and elongation rate change quickly, slowly changes in 96~168h. The study has a certain reference of design of ESPCP stator under certain operating conditions.
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