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Authors: Yin Yu, Ping Gao
Abstract: based on the methods of literature, questionnaire, expert interviews, observation and so on, the article analyzes the concept, function, features and application area of Computer-Aided Intelligent Training , and gets the result of that the Computer-Aided Intelligent Training not only has the features of automatic, intelligent and controllable, and also has significant effects in practical application, such as electronics plan designing, information consulting from experts, sports skill simulating, training load monitoring, specialized technical analyzing and so on.
Authors: Ping Gao, Yi Hai Hu, Yin Yu
Abstract: By using the methods of literature, expert surveys, statistics and logical analysis, this essay has constructed and analysised the structure of basketball competition process,and took the structural elements as platform, in order to comprehensive understand the competition process of basketball games and the features of related work,provide the theoretical basis for cientific training and competition.
Authors: Ping Gao, Yi Hai Hu, Yin Yu, Zhu Fan Jin
Abstract: the study has taken net-partition oppositional group-event sports hierarchy elements as research platform, and has calculated the four-level elements’ relative weight of net-partition oppositional group-event sports structure hierarchy by using the AHP analyze method and examine the subjective consistency of weight evaluation with consistency factors, then analyze the group-event competition characteristics combined with elements weight.
Authors: Yin Yu, Yi Hai Hu, Ping Gao, Da Cheng Wu, Yu Huang, Ye Liu
Abstract: based on using multiple methods which involve literature search, expert interview and data analysis, the article Diagnosed and analyzed the technical and tactical characteristics of the China National Boxing Championship of ten levels which found that there are big difference in the score distribution, frequency of use of boxing, tactical frequency of use, hitting parts of the frequency of use, hitting effective boxing and so, through the comparative analysis, looking for levels of the inherent laws to guide Chinese boxing team on training and competition for better effect, and provide a certain basis on achieving better results in London Olympics
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