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Authors: Xi Jin, Ying He Jiang, Jian Hua Jin
Abstract: Optimal selection of interception ratio of combined sewer systems is a problem of comparison in technical and economical aspects. Using the simulation result of SWMM, the relationship between pollutant removal efficiency and interception ratio can be quantified, so the technical index of interception ratio selection can be obtained. Regarding of pollutant removal efficiency and construction cost as functions of interception ratio, two objective functions of optimization model can be obtained. By solving this optimization model, the balance between technical and economical aspects can be realized at the result interception ratio. Tested by the case sewer system, an optimal result can be obtained by this optimization model and it’s solving methodology.
Authors: Jian Hua Jin, Li Gang He, Ying He Jiang
Abstract: In this paper, investigation and analysis on the operation of 3 combined wastewater treatment plants in sunny and rainy days in Wuhan city was made. The operations of lifting pumping stations in these plants were inspected. During sunny days, the processing units and equipments in these plants run in nearly full load and the load can only increase in a small quantity in rainy days. But the total waster water quantity in Wuhan in rainy days would reach to ten times more than wastewater quantity in sunny days. A large amount of untreated wastewater overflows from the channels to the bodies and causes heavy pollution to the water environment.
Authors: R.P. Singh, Ying He Jiang, Xiao Peng Wen
Abstract: Constructed wetlands are very useful for the removal of nutrients from treated municipal wastewater. Use of different kinds of media and macrophytes improves the efficiency of nutrient removal of constructed wetlands. Three different media (pulverized ash bricks, shale and gravel) and common reed (Phragmites spp.) were used for present research work. This macrophyte is a local weed and easily available. Uses of different media with macrophyte are very efficient for nutrient removal from treated municipal wastewater. Out of these three media used for present research pulverized fly ash bricks media was most efficient for removal of phosphorus in constructed wetland.
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