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Authors: Gui Jie Zhang, Ying Zi Wang, Kang Li
Abstract: In the unsteady state, work roll temperature distribution and thermal expansion have an enormous effect on the process of hot rolling. The rolling speed in the finish rolling as an important rolling parameter plays a crucial role of obtaining the optimum temperature distribution and thermal expansion. Using the finite element method, it solves the regularity of temperature distribution and thermal expansion with thermal-structural coupling analysis, which provide theoretic proof of optimizing gauge and profile control.
Authors: Gui Jie Zhang, Kang Li, Ying Zi Wang
Abstract: The heat transfer model was developed and the heat transfer of the strip coil stay in the hot coil box was analyzed. The temperature distribution of the strip coil was investigated use the model. The measured results are in good agreement with the calculated ones, has a guiding significance to further improve the technology.
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