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Authors: Cun Ping Liu, Yong Fu Yuan, Yu Yang, Yong Liu
Abstract: The effect of using Cr12MoV steel made by Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (W-EDM) for electrical silicon sheet punches was characterized and investigated. The surface roughness and HRC of the samples so prepared was examined. Wear resistance of the Cr12Mov for punch by W-EDM treatment was assessed by measurement of weight method. The results show that the W-EDM parameters influence the punches’ wear resistance and wear weight loss was influenced by hardness loss greatly.
Authors: Yu Yang, Cun Ping Liu, Yong Fu Yuan, Sheng Guo
Abstract: Present work describes a piercing process using the finite element method in order to investigate the wear of mold punch. In present investigation, the piercing clearance and punch fillet radius was studied by simulating the piercing operation of an AISI 1035 sheet. Simulation used the FEM program ANSYS/LS-DYNA. The results show that the best resistance of the mold punch is reached when the punch round radius reached 0.03mm and piercing clearance reached 0.15mm.
Authors: Yong Fu Yuan, Cun Ping Liu
Abstract: In order to achieve a more intensive understanding of the plate welding mechanism of the punch repairing process, a numerical simulation has been carried out by using the finite element method. According to the special requirement of the punch, which had been the wear failure, the surface welding surfacing have been taken into account in the finite element model. The results of the finite element simulation are in proper agreement with the experimental findings. The distributions of the Von Mises Stress of the workpiece have been computed for discussion. It has been realized that good results could be got by finite element computation.
Authors: Cun Ping Liu, Yong Fu Yuan, Yan Xiong Yang, Sheng Guo
Abstract: As the core of modern economy, finance plays a vital role in the development of strategic emerging industries. A rapid progress of these industries demands a well formed financial support system and a full play given to the role financial support. According to emerging industries life cycle theory, the characteristics of new industry and its law of development determine its funding requirement in various stages of development. This paper analyzes the characteristics of strategic emerging material industries and proposes financing policy in its different stage.
Authors: Da Song He, Cun Ping Liu, Yong Fu Yuan, Xiu Ying Li
Abstract: The removal of trichloroethylene (TCE) from water using activated carbon fibers (ACF) and activated carbon (AC) was investigated. Adsorption, as an efficient process to remove TCE from water was chosen; in particular with ACF and AC as adsorbents. The results showed that physisorption play important roles for adsorption of TCE onto activated carbon fibers, while the less important chemisorption. Langmuir and Freundlich models were then employed to correlate the equilibria data. The Langmuir model best described the AC adsorption isotherm of TCE, with R2 0.9942. Freundlich model best fitted the ACF adsorption isotherm of TCE, with R2 0.9978.
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