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Authors: Yong Luo, Xiu Chun Guo
Abstract: This paper will construct a discrete system's computer model, include the time distribution of buses arrive, stop and passengers’ get down and get off. The emulation clock advanced with the method of incident step length. Through the inversion produce the random variables of Poisson distribution, negative exponential distribution and normal distribution, simulate the conditions of bus arrive, leave and pick up passengers. Finally calculate with the relative data and then get a series of indicators to evaluate the crowing degree of the bus station.
Authors: Yong Luo, Xiu Chun Guo
Abstract: By research, we can realize definitely the relationship between the urban transportation system mode and containable development; meanwhile, it suggests the evaluation methods evaluation contents and guideline of Large-sized and middle-sized civic traffic problems. According to the civic traffic containable development basic theory, the major action factors of the civic traffic containable development and the establishment of the civic traffic containable development evaluation guideline system. Afterwards, this paper takes main factors and weight to use the found evaluation system.
Authors: Yong Luo, Yan Fei Sui
Abstract: This project has operated the traffic survey, collected and analyzed the data, found the congestion of the road and optimized it, alleviated the congestion, evacuated the traffic jams. Taking real intersection as example, this paper records the traffic flow and timing control, analyzes traffic condition. At the last, this study simulates the traffic operation status under the present condition with traffic simulation software VISSIM and improves the signal timing.
Authors: Yong Luo, Xiu Chun Guo
Abstract: In this paper we mainly discuss the traffic accident information management system which based on web software platform of WINDOWS NT using PB as front developing tool and adopting the database of SYBASE as its core. The system can make statistical analysis and prediction for road accident caused by many factors and can determine the Black Spot of accident through analysis thus can provide basis for preventing the accident and rebuilding the dangerous road section.
Authors: Hui Li, Yong Luo
Abstract: This text applies grey target theory to evaluate the safety of highway alignment design. According to grey target theory, many factors which affect the safety were selected. The model of the safety evaluation of highway alignment design model was put forward based on grey target theory. After we apply this method in the practice, this method of the safety evaluation of highway alignment design is proved to be effective in course of the accuracy of the safety evaluation. Investigative results indicate that some subjective factors can be eliminated to a certain extent based on evaluation model of grey target theory in the course of alignment scheme choice,which make the choice result more objective. And it is a certain application value for the safety evaluation of highway alignment design.
Authors: Yong Luo, Xiu Chun Guo
Abstract: With the shortage of the gasoline resource day by day, the adjustment of county’s energy strategy, environment protect requirement and the continuous progress of the automobile technology, more and more automobiles were designed on the CNG as their fuel and corresponding CNG stations were increasing at the same time. But the consequential accident such as the leakage of the gas and the fire disaster made the security of the CNG station became a serious problem a problem which people pay more and more attention on it. if the gas was not fired immediately it may construct the gas cloud cluster and will explode when it comes out a fire, and people in a certain distance may wounded by the shockwave also the architectures in the dangerous range will be destroyed. This paper will contribute to formulate the evacuate conditions for pedestrian after the explode accident happening and also will provide the basis for evaluating the new constructed CNG stations.
Authors: Quan Liu, Yong Luo, Hui Li
Abstract: The microwave vehicle detection can obtain real-time conditions of road traffic flow fast, accurate and convenient. In this study, we took the expressway traffic flow in Chengdu as the research object, collecting real-time data of traffic flow, speed and vehicle density to analyses the relationship among Q, V, K graphically. Finally the service level in different lanes and speed in the Third Ring Road were evaluated through Q, V, K data calculations and analysis in Chengdu’s expressway at the traffic peak time.
Authors: Yong Luo, Xiu Chun Guo
Abstract: With the development of the transportation, the county-country highway network has the more and more important function in the transportation network. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the scientific method evaluating the total function of the county country road network, so as to support decision for the synthetically transportation planning and management. The paper evaluates the whole construction level, layout quality and total capacity of the county-country highway network from the standpoint of holistic planning and synthetically transportation development. The status of the existent network is investigated and analyzed. Then the corresponding evaluating guideline system and method is put forward. Applying the proposed system and method, the paper analyzes the performance of some county highway network in Nanchong city and brings forward some improvement suggestions.
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