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Authors: Yong Sheng Li, Yan Zhou Yu, Xiao Lin Cheng, Guang Chen
Abstract: The phase field simulation of interface movement and interdiffusion microstructure in a binary diffusion couples was developed. The diffusion couples with nonequilibrium concentration for single phase or single phase and two-phase including the temperature and mobility effects were studied. It’s shown that the interface movement and the atoms diffusion direction were determined by the magnitude of relative concentration difference between the initial concentration and the equilibrium concentration, the distance of interface movement and interdiffusion flux increases as the temperature or the mobility increasing, and the large mobility makes the particles coarsening faster.
Authors: Yong Sheng Li, Xiao Ling Cheng, Yan Zhou Yu
Abstract: Microstructure formation under the applied strain for the alloys with different shear modulus and anisotropy were studied using the phase-field simulation. The uniaxial morphology depends on the magnitude of applied strain, the ratio of shear modulus and ratio of anisotropy between the precipitates and matrix. However, the morphology orientation depends not only on the sign and direction of applied strain, but also on the ratio of anisotropy and the ratio of shear modulus between the precipitates and matrix. The simulation results are helpful for the materials microstructure design and control by the combination of internal elastic stress and the applied strain.
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