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Authors: Fa Jun Zhao, Yong Jian Liu, Yi Wu, Yong Si, Bo Zhang, Hong Rui Wu
Abstract: As an irreversible viscosity reduction way, catalytic aquathermolysis of heavy oil is given close attention by scholars at home and abroad, and a high content of asphaltene in heavy oil is the major cause for the high viscosity of heavy oil. Through the use of IR spectrum and TG-DTA, this paper analyzes the asphaltene structure and thermal analysis before and after the catalytic aquathermolysis reaction, and the result shows some changes in the heavy component structure in the asphaltene after the reaction, a reduction in some unsaturated structures, an increase in saturated structures, a reduction in long-chain structures, an increase in short-chain structures, and an increase in light components. Thermal analysis shows that part of the asphaltenes can be converted into alkane soluble substance. The catalyst acts on the heteroatoms in asphaltenes, which partly changes the asphaltene structure and makes it cracked to some extent, so as to lead to the lower viscosity of heavy oil.
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