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Authors: Yoon S. Oh, Jung G. Lee, Choong Nyun Paul Kim, Nack J. Kim
Abstract: Solidification behavior of two Fe-base amorphous alloys during twin-roll strip casting has been investigated in the present study. Continuous cooling transformation (CCT) diagrams of both alloys were calculated using the heterogeneous nucleation theory coupled with thermal data obtained during cooling. Cooling sequence during twin-roll strip casting was also simulated. These were used for the determination of the optimum twin-roll strip casting conditions at which desirable solidification behavior could be achieved. It shows that twin-roll strip casting can continuously fabricate sheet product of Fe-base bulk amorphous alloys, despite their higher liquidus temperatures and larger differences between liquidus and glass transition temperatures (Tg) than those of other easier glass-forming bulk amorphous alloys.
Authors: A.K. Prasada Rao, Yoon S. Oh, Nack J. Kim
Abstract: The present basically concerns with the synthesis of foamy structured amorphous Zrbased alloy, Zr41.2Ti13.8Cu12.5Ni10.0Be22.5 (Vit-1), by liquid state processing. In this method, melt was injected in to the evacuated interstitial voids of the NaCl crystals placed in a copper mould. The casting has been subsequently washed with a jet of water to ensure the removal of NaCl entrapped in the casting, thus resulting in a porous structured casting. It shows the possibility of synthesizing amorphous metal foams with large dimensions using salt infiltration technique.
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