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Authors: Beom Seob Kim, Young Chul Woo, Deug Joong Kim
Abstract: Synthesis of nano TiC powder by carbothermal reduction procedure of TiO2 was investigated. TiO2 was mixed with resin or carbon powder as reduction agent and was reacted at 1500oC for 0 ~ 45 minutes under Ar atmosphere. Conglomeration of the powders mixed with TiO2 and resin were observed in the initial stage of the reduction and the unreacted TiO2 was not found even after 5 minutes elapsed. The fine TiC particles with a size of 80 nm were formed by complete reaction between Ti, a reduction product, and C after 15 minutes. However, the conglomerated particles were not the powders added with carbon powder as carbon source in the initial stage. The unreacted TiO2 particles were kept for 15 minutes. Finally, TiC particles were formed and were partially grown after 20 minutes.
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