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Authors: Chan Kyoung Park, Ki Whan Kim, Jin Yong Mok, Young Guk Kim, Seog Won Kim
Abstract: The Korean High Speed Train (KHST) has been tested on the Kyongbu high speed line and the Honam conventional line since 2002. A data acquisition system was developed to test and prove the dynamic performance of the KHST, and the system has been found to be very efficient in acquiring multi-channel data from accelerometers located all over the train. Also presented in this paper is an analysis procedure which is simple and efficient in analyzing the acceleration data acquired during the on-line test of the KHST. The understanding of system vibration mode for a railway vehicle is essential to evaluate the characteristics of a dynamic system and to diagnose the dynamic problems of the vehicle system during tests and operations. Methods based on homogeneous linear systems are not realistic because real systems have nonlinear characteristics and are strongly dependent on environmental conditions. In this paper an efficient method of vibration analysis has been proposed and applied for the KHST to evaluate its vibration mode characteristics. The results show that this method is suitable to estimate the system vibration modes of the KHST.
Authors: Young Guk Kim, Seog Won Kim, Chan Kyoung Park, Kyoung Ho Moon, Tae Won Park
Abstract: Evaluation of the ride comfort for railway vehicles can be divided into two classes; the long-term evaluation of ride comfort and the momentary evaluation of ride comfort. In the present paper, the ride comfort of railway vehicles are investigated for high speed trains in Korea. The long-term ride comfort has been analyzed by a statistical method and the momentary ride comfort has been analyzed by using the longitudinal acceleration, the jerk and the stationary lateral acceleration.
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