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Authors: Un Bong Baek, Jong Seo Park, In Hyun Chung, Seung Hoon Nahm, Young Hwa Ma, Yong Yun Lee
Abstract: The high cycle fatigue properties of two kinds of wrought Al 2519 alloys without and with scandium of 0.10% were investigated. The fatigue strength was determined at R = 0.1 under constant amplitude loading conditions in air. The alloy with scandium of 0.10% showed a little lower tensile yield strength and higher fatigue strength values. The fine grained Al-0.10Sc alloy exhibited a higher resistance against fatigue crack nucleation despite the lower yield stress in comparison to the coarse grained Al 2519 alloy. The results can be explained mainly with the microstructural differences between both alloys. This results are due to the presence of coherent Al3 (Sc, Zr) precipitates and a very fine subgrain structure.
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