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Authors: Yu Bin Zhao
Abstract: Paper introduces a kind of design method of electronic component searching system. System acts ASP language as development way of dynamic web based on B/S mode. System can realize electronic component browser, searching, PDF file material uploading and download, etc. In this paper, we mainly introduce design of system parts of function sub-system and each web pages source file in detail. Though system practical running on web server and user feedback information, we get uniform good reputation. System can help student study electronic component function and use way, etc. In addition, some of system function sub-system can be replant into other web system. Through experiment, system has widely replanting and application value.
Authors: Yu Bin Zhao, Ya Li Li, Jia Cheng Wang, Zhen Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, we study a kind of intelligent and high-accuracy flow measurement system, which is a type of venturi tube flowmeter that surpassed the international standard ISO5167. This paper analyzes the characteristics of the super-size flow measurement in the water transportation and industrial projects, and the choice for suitable flow meters. We study the practical compensation technology for discharging coefficient “C” of the international-standard-exceeding venturi tube, and puts forward water calibration method for venturi tube, and design the intelligent and high-accuracy flow metering system based on computer technology. Furthermore, this paper analyzes the calibration data of water flow, and propose the segment and compensation method for discharging coefficient “C” practically. We solved the limitations of the international-standard-exceeding venturi tubes, and effectively improved the accuracy and range of the flow measurement system.
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