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Authors: Yu Cheng Fan, Chang Wei Fan, Wei Chun Ting, Guan Fu Lee
Abstract: In this paper, we propose an interactive remote control system using image processing technique for three dimensional displays. In order to control three dimensional displays, we present an algorithm based on gestures recognition. Then we adopt cell-based design flow and 0.18μm TSMC single poly and six metals processing to perform the system chip. Besides, the SMIMS FPGA development board is used to achieve the system. The results prove the performance reaching the well quality of interactive remote control system for three dimensional displays.
Authors: Yu Cheng Fan, Jan Hung Shen
Abstract: This paper presents a low luminance dynamic range converter that includes light recording and adjustment system for vehicle application under light insufficient environment. The development of vehicle electronic technology has improved traditional vehicle function. How to design a safety function system for vehicle become more and more important in vehicle industries. This work designs low luminance dynamic range converter circuit for vehicle application and provides a safety-driving environment. In the proposed method, we adopt video capture system to record light information from driving environment. An adaptive adjustment is adopted to re-arrange the histogram according to the distribution of luminance. Then, we use a series of test images and extract the characteristic value to train the system to reflect practical circumstances. Next, color calibrations and de-noise processing are performed to improve the visual quality. The presented approach considers the realistic driving situation and provides a bright and safe visual environment for driver under light insufficient environment.
Authors: Yu Cheng Fan, Yi Feng Chiang, Ching Min Lee
Abstract: In this paper, we propose a three dimensional vision conversion based on cloud computing. Three dimensional video and image system become an important technology in consumer electronics field in latest decade. There are numerous three dimensional video and image formats for different 3D products. However, the three dimensional vision contents that are manufactured by different standards are difficult to exchange without complete three dimensional vision converters. Therefore, how to perform the three dimensional vision format converters to interchange different kinds of three dimension vision becomes an important research topic in academic and industry. Nevertheless, three dimensional vision processor and converter have high computing complexity. It is hard to perform whole three dimensional vision converter according to all kinds of international standards in client machine and portable device. At the same time, three dimensional visions often require a large number of storage spaces. It is also very difficult to record all kinds of three dimensional visions in local device. The above problem should be solved adopting different concepts. Therefore, we proposed cloud computing concept that establishes a complete three dimensional vision converter in cloud computing server and storage space in three dimensional vision clouds. The customer access the three dimensional vision rely on three dimensional vision cloud. The approach methodology solves the problems of computing complexity and storage space of tradition three dimensional vision converters and storage. The presented intact framework of three dimensional vision converters also provides a solution of related research in this paper.
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