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Authors: Xuan Chen, Hong Yu Luo, Jun Yu, Peng Xiang Yue, Lin Zhou, Yan Ren, Yu Hua Wang, Wan Ping Fang, Xing Hui Li
Abstract: Alcohol-alkali method and base digestion method were investigated to extract proteins from tea residues, respectively. According to single factorial experiments, results showed that the optimal extraction technology of alcohol-alkali method were pH 12, temperature of 80 °C, ethanol concentration of 60%, liquid-solid ratio of 40, 60 min, and the protein extraction rate reached 15.0%. And the optimal extract conditions of base digestion were pH 12, temperature of 80 °C, liquid-solid ratio of 50, 80 min, which made the protein yield reached 31.5%. Furthermore, alcohol-alkali method was more beneficial to protein extraction from tea residues under lower temperature and weak alkali condition (40-60 °C, pH 8-10). While base digestion had higher extraction yield under high temperature and strong alkali condition (60-80 °C, pH 11-12).
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