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Authors: Yu Jia, Yuji Hotta, Kimiyasu Sato, Koji Watari, Yoshinori Kanno
Abstract: Hydroxyapatite powders were prepared via mechanochemical synthesis method. The starting reagents for HAP powders were vibration ball milled for 2 h and then calcined at 800°C for 1 h. X-ray diffraction patterns and IR spectrum shown that pure crystalline apatite powder (HAP) was obtained. The as-synthesized powders were gelcasted and then sintered at 1200°C for 2 h. It was observed from SEM micrographs that the prepared green body has uniform microstructure. The bending strength of the dried green body was as high as 18 MPa that is enough to be machined into required form before sintering. The sintered ceramics has a density of 2.5 g/cm3 and a flexural strength of 72 MPa with a homogenous microstructure.
Authors: Yu Jia, Yuji Hotta, Kimiyasu Sato, Koji Watari, Lennart Bergström
Abstract: Monodispersed ZrO2 (includes 8mol % Y2O3) precursor nanoparticles, which were well dispersed in aqueous solution, were successfully synthesized. The as-synthesized ZrO2 precursor nanoparticles were homogenously coated on the surface of polystyrene particles. Multilayer coating process was successfully implemented by using polyacrylic acid (PAA) to modify the surface charges of the coated particles, which was characterized by zeta-potential, particles size distribution and scanning electron microscopy (SEM).
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