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Authors: Nan Ming Yan, Yu Nan Zhang, Nian Yu Li
Abstract: To meet the special requirements of battlefield, a 4×4 hybrid electric drive scheme based on 1-ton military wheel vehicle is proposed, it consists of engine-generator sets, electric power converter, battery and AC (alternate current) motors, and the corresponding matching calculation of its main components is implemented in this paper. On this basis, a distributed electric drive control system based on CAN bus network is also developed. The control system not only realizes electric differential function when vehicle is steering, but also provides with three different kinds of driving modes. Experiment results of prototype vehicle prove that what studied in this paper not only satisfy requirement such as strong mobility and multi-function, but also be reliable.
Authors: Ying Hui Shang, Yu Nan Zhang, Nan Ming Yan, Jian Zhang, Dong Wang
Abstract: In order to improve brake performance of military tracked vehicles, a novel all electric brake system (AEBS) is studied in this paper. Besides its system scheme and construction are presented, its Object Oriented simulation models are built with Simulink to analyze its two operating modes, parking button brake and foot pedal brake. Screw linear speed and brake compressive stress in the parking brake and running brake under various given condition are simulated with the model. Simulation results prove that the performance of the all electric brake system improve remarkably and satisfy the design requirement of military tracked vehicles.
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